Friday, August 3, 2007

The First Supper

The first day out was made much easier by the bounty of my parents' garden. We enjoyed some fresh green beans and zucchini. This one we cooked together.

For the zucchini I cut the squash in half length wise and then cut them into 1/4" slabs. I browned these in a single layer in a non-stick fry pan. This took three rounds and I just stacked them up on a plate until the end when I tossed them all back in the pan to bring them to temperature.

For the green beans we used Jack Bishop's recipe for Braised Green Beans with Soy and Sesame from Vegetables Every Day (page 173). I didn't have any stock so I just used water and added a stalk of celery while it cooked which I discarded when we served it. Instead of the sesame oil I used tahini. I left out the peanut oil and instead sauted with 2 T of water in a non-stick fry pan. At the end we removed the green beans and added a drained and rinsed can of white beans to the pan sauce as we cooked it down.

The zucchini was sweet and delicious. The green beans were great. The white beans were a bit mushy but made the meal more of a meal. The green beans were a new try and I think will become part of the repertoire. Matt did the prep on the beans and somehow this still took us an hour to make.

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