Saturday, June 29, 2013

Quick Chili Mole and Cornbread

Pictured is our chili and cornbread set next to the photo in Happy
Herbivore Abroad. Third recipe we tried. Matt picked it the day before
from the picture. Made Berley's cornbread.
We liked this meal and expect it will become an easy pantry friendly
staple in weeknight dinner category. Lindsay Nixon appears to cook
and approach food the way I aspire to. I think we have found a new
Didn't have refried beans so rinsed a can of pintos and whirled in the
mini micro food processor with some cumin, enchilada sauce, garlic
powder, and onion powder. For cornbread had to use cornmeal for masa
harina so a little course.
Might be nice to add a little crunchy slaw on the side.

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