Monday, April 14, 2008

Average Daily Consupmption

45 g rolled oats
45 g raisins
8 g flax seed meal
200 g unsweetened soy milk

404 calories
8 g fat
16 g protein

Mid Morning Snack (aka second breakfast)
20 g raw walnuts

131 calories
13 g fat
3 g protein

411 g Wolfgang Puck Organic Tortilla Soup (1 can)
150 g bell pepper
150 g apple
420 calories
8 g fat
12 g protein

Afternoon Snack
45 g dried apricots
112 calories
0 g fat
2 g protein

Pasta with Spinach and Tempeh
85 g whole wheat pasta
142 g spinach
57 g tempeh
10 g olive oil
5 g garlic
546 calories
16 g fat
30 g protein

If I had stopped here this would have been a good day but my throat hurt and eating made it feel better. I then proceeded to graze the remaining of the evening.

Evening Snack
100 g cookies
25 g whole wheat bread
419 calories
18 g fat
10 g protein

This is cutting back for me. I have been eating 500 calorie breakfasts and lunches and 200 calorie snacks. My new goal is 1600 calories (from 1800 calories) with 61 grams of protein (unchanged). With out the evening snacks I would have made it.

The final count
2032 calories
62 g fat
73 g protein

For me the this is still in the weight loss category of a pound a week it just doesn't give me any room for slop on the weekend.

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